Keynote Robert McCarthy

Robert McCarthyFor over Sixteen years Robert McCarthy has worked at the leading edge of IBM’s software business. He has during his time held various positions in Business Development, Transformation, Research and Analytics. Robert was a key member of the team that transformed IBM’s operations in Ireland. Today, operating from IBM’s Ireland Lab, he established and leads IBM’s Innovation Exchange, a team focussed at the bleeding edge of IBM’s innovation which acts as a hub for collaboration on applied research and development projects, working closely with academia and SME’s to drive value and impact. Areas of interest are Health, Conative Solutions, Collaboration, IOT and Security.


Sticky Horizons: From Manufacturing to Innovation

The horizon is changing, the home office of multinationals located in Ireland expects more, a lot more! Gone are the days when we could differentiate over labour costs etc. In parallel, the workforce of today is highly educated and mobile. Considering these pressures we have to create a sticky effect through the generation of a force field that keeps corporations interested in staying in Ireland and employees passionate about building roots here. To do this we have to think differently; not only have we to be thought leaders, and constantly adding value to our brands, but we have to innovate constantly and build an ecosystem that will allow for rapid, tangible, high value activities that are scalable. IBM in Ireland has transformed itself recently from a manufacturing base for servers to a dynamic Cloud and Cognitive business which boasts IBM’s biggest Software Group lab in the country. Innovation is at the intersection of everything we do!

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