Welcome Reception – June 1

The welcome reception will take place in Plassey House.  There will be canapés, wine and a harpist to play for us. Please join us at 18:30!

Conference Day 1 – June 2

Kemmy Business School (KBS)
Welcome to EASE 2016
Sarah Beecham
Keynote: Brian Fitzgerald, Chief Scientist at Lero and Frederick A Krehbiel II Chair in Innovation in Business and Technology, University of Limerick
Session Chair: Stephen MacDonell
10:30-11:00Morning Break
Session 1
Testing 1
Session Chair: Stephen MacDonell
Session 2
Fault Prediction 1
Session Chair: Martin Shepperd
11:00-11:30Results from an Ethnographically-informed Study in the Context of Test Driven Development
Simone Romano, Davide Fucci, Giuseppe Scanniello, Burak Turhan and Natalia Juristo

11:00-11:30Slope-based Fault-proneness Thresholds for Software Engineering Measures
Sandro Morasca and Luigi Lavazza
11:30-12:00Evaluating Random Mutant Selection at Class-Level in Projects with Non-Adequate Test Suites
Ali Parsai, Alessandro Murgia and Serge Demeyer
11:30-11:50The jinx on the NASA software defect data sets
Jean Petric, David Bowes, Tracy Hall, Bruce Christianson and Nathan Baddoo
Short break
Session 3
Systematic Review Process 1
Session Chair: He (Jason) Zhang
Session 4
Session Chair: Michael English
12:10-12:40A Critical Analysis of Studies that Address the Use of Text Mining for Citation Screening in Systematic Reviews
Babatunde Kazeem Olorisade, Ed de Quincey, Pearl Brereton and Peter Andras
12:10-12:40Benefits and Limitations of Job Rotation in Software Organizations: A Systematic Literature Review
Ronnie E. S. Santos, Fabio Q. B. Da Silva and Cleyton V. C. Magalhães
12:40-13:00Second-Generation Systematic Literature Studies using Snowballing
Claes Wohlin
12:40-13:00Evidence-Based Software Portfolio Management: A Tool Description and Evaluation
Hennie Huijgens
Session 5
Fault Prediction 2
Session Chair: David Bowes
Session 6
Systematic Review Tools
Session Chair: Jim Buckley
14:00-14:30A Review-based Comparative Study of Bad Smell Detection Tools
Eduardo Fernandes, Johnatan Oliveira, Gustavo Vale, Thanis Paiva and Eduardo Figueiredo
14:00-14:20An Integrated Tool Environment for Experimentation in Domain Specific Language Engineering
Florian Häser, Michael Felderer and Ruth Breu
14:30-15:00Do More Inspectors Guarantee Higher Accuracy of the Capture-recapture Estimates? An Empirical Study
Qiuping Zhang, Guoping Rong and He Zhang
14:20-14:40Improvements in the Start tool to better support the systematic review process
Sandra Fabbri, Fábio Octaviano, Cleiton Silva, André Di Thommazo, Elis Hernandes and Anderson Belgamo
14:40-15:00Beyond the Spreadsheet: Reflections on Tool Support for Literature Studies
Paolo Tell, Jacob Benjamin Cholewa, Peter Nellemann and Marco Kuhrmann
15:00-15:30Afternoon Break
Session 7
Session Chair: Emilia Mendes
Session 8
Systematic Review Process 2
Session Chair: Pearl Brereton
15:30-16:00Validating Software Measures by Action Research: A Method and Industrial Experiences
Vard Antinyan and Miroslaw Staron
15:30-16:00Using the SCAS strategy to perform the initial selection of studies in systematic reviews: an experimental study
Fábio Octaviano, Cleiton Silva and Sandra Fabbri
16:00-16:20TDTool: Threshold Derivation Tool
Lucas Veado, Gustavo Vale and Eduardo Figueiredo
16:00-16:20The need for multivocal literature reviews in software engineering: complementing systematic literature reviews with grey literature
Vahid Garousi, Michael Felderer and Mika V. Mäntylä
16:20End of Day 1
17:45Bus Leaves for City & Nights Events (Pick up location to be decided)
18:15-19:45King John's Castle - Reception & Awards
20:00-lateCurragower BBQ
23:45Bus back to UL

Conference Day 2 – June 3

Keynote: Robert McCarthy, Program Director - Innovation, Business & Operations Ireland Software Labs at IBM
Session Chair: John Noll
09:45-10:00Short Break
Session 9
Testing 2
Session Chair: Barbara Kitchenham
Session 10
Industry Experiences
Session Chair: Steve Counsell
10:00-10:30Improving Vulnerability Detection Measurement: Test Suites and Software Security Assurance
Alexander Hoole, Issa Traore, Aurelien Delaitre and Charles de Oliveira
10:00-10:20IBM's Smarter Care: Challenges and Strategies
Patrick O’Sullivan, Anne Connolly, Noel Carroll and Ita Richardson
10:30-11:00The power of Single and Error annotations in Category Partition Testing: An Experimental Evaluation
Sunint Khalsa and Yvan Labiche
10:20-10:40What We Have Learnt Adopting Evidence-Based Software Engineering For Industrial Practice
Steve Anderson, Paul Sagar, Beth Smith and Ken Wallace
10:40-11:00Integrating Development Teams after Acquisition: Issues and Lessons Learned
Clodagh NicCanna
11:00-11:30Morning Break
Session 11
Session Chair: Dietmar Pfahl
Session 12
Software Engineering Process 1
Session Chair: Claes Wohlin
11:30-12:00An Exploratory Study on the Effects of Perceived Value and Stakeholder Satisfaction on Software Projects
Hennie Huijgens, Arie van Deursen and Rini Van Solingen
11:30-12:00Characteristics of Decision-Making During Coding
Paul Ralph and Ewan Tempero

12:00-12:30A Systematic Mapping on Requirements Scoping
Krzysztof Wnuk and Ravichandra Kumar Kollu
12:00-12:30Capturing Cost Avoidance through Reuse: Systematic Literature Review and Industrial Evaluation
Mohsin Irshad, Richard Torkar, Kai Petersen and Wasif Afzal
12:30-12:50Approaches for Prioritizing Feature Improvements Extracted from App Reviews
Swetha Keertipati, Bastin Tony Roy Savarimuthu and Sherlock Licorish
12:30-12:50Practices and Perceptions of Team Code Ownership
Todd Sedano, Paul Ralph, and Cecile Peraire
Session 13
Defect Reporting
Session Chair: Tracy Hall
Session 14
Cost Estimation
Session Chair: Federica Sarro
14:00-14:30An Empirical Analysis of Reopened Bugs Based on Open Source Projects
Qing Mi and Jacky Keung
14:00-14:30A Replication Study on the Effects of Weighted Moving Windows for Software Effort Estimation
Sousuke Amasaki and Chris Lokan
14:30-15:00Reporting Usability Defects - Do reporters Report What Software Developers Need?
Nor Shahida Mohamad Yusop, John Grundy and Rajesh Vasa
14:30-15:00Realistic Assessment of Software Effort Estimation Models
Boyce Sigweni, Martin Shepperd and Tommaso Turchi
15:00-15:20Usage, usefulness and quality of defect reports: an industrial case study
Vahid Garousi, Ebru Göçmen Ergezer and Kadir Herkiloğlu
15:00-15:20Improving Expert Prediction of Issue Resolution Time
Dietmar Pfahl, Siim Karus and Myroslava Stavnycha
15:20-16:00Afternoon Break
Session 15
Software Engineering Process 2
Session Chair: Marco Kuhrmann
Session 16
Sociological Issues
Session Chair: Klaas-Jan Stol
16:00-16:30Exploring OSSD Decision-Making Processes: the Python Case Study
Smitha Keertipati, Sherlock Licorish and Bastin Tony Roy Savarimuthu
16:00-16:30Social Theory for Software Engineering Research
Paul Ralph, Mike Chiasson and Helen Kelley
Closing Ceremony
Barbara Kitchenham
20:00-lateDinner at Dolan's with Traditional Irish Music (This is included in your registration! Don't miss out!)



Prof. Brian Fitzgerald is the Chief Scientist at Lero – the Irish Software Research Centre.

Brian Fitzgerald is Chief Scientist at Lero – the Irish Software Engineering Research Centre. He also holds an endowed professorship, the Krehbiel Chair in Innovation in Business & Technology, at the University of Limerick where he served as Vice President Research  from 2008-2011. He holds a PhD from the University of London and has published 14 books and over 150 papers in the leading international journals and conferences in both the Information Systems and Software Engineering fields.

Prior to taking up an academic position, he worked in the software industry for about 12 years, in a variety of sectors (including finance, telecommunications, manufacturing, bespoke software development) in a number of countries (Ireland, Belgium, Germany).
He has also been very successful in winning competitive research grants. Overall, these projects have received total funding of almost €100 million, with over €13 million received directly as Principal Investigator (PI).

Robert McCarthy is Program Director – Innovation, Business Development & Operations Ireland Software Labs at IBM.

For over Sixteen years Robert McCarthy has worked at the leading edge of IBM’s software business. He has during his time held various positions in Business Development, Transformation, Research and Analytics. Robert was a key member of the team that transformed IBM’s operations in Ireland. Today, operating from IBM’s Ireland Lab, he established and leads IBM’s Innovation Exchange, a team focussed at the bleeding edge of IBM’s innovation which acts as a hub for collaboration on applied research and development projects, working closely with academia and SME’s to drive value and impact. Areas of interest are Health, Conative Solutions, Collaboration, IOT and Security.

Doctoral Symposium – June 1

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